Positive, very creative, and always willing to learn. That’s me, Noemí Rivera, aka The Marketing Robin.

I’ve worked creating graphic and written content for over 10 years because I’m passionate about using these two elements to inspire and influence people; and because I believe communication is a paramount element for companies and people to pave the way for success.

Everything we do communicates, from how we write an email to the way we prepare coffee for a colleague.

The Marketing Robin

Why a robin?

I was born and raised in the Basque Country (north of Spain) and as in every culture, we also have our myths. One of them is that whenever you see a robin (txantxangorri in the Basque language), you will have good luck for the whole day. Or at least that’s what my mom always told me.

That’s why I chose a robin for my personal brand, because I want to bring the good vibes of this bird to my work and my clients, so that when they achieve the results they desire, they say, “‘good job a robin came our way!”