5 Reasons why email marketing is NOT dead

email marketing

If anyone ever tells you that email marketing is dead, they’re probably doing something wrong. Email marketing is in fact alive and kicking, and remains a vital part of any marketing strategy for any kind of business. It’s a strong channel for customer retention, lead nurturing, and direct communication with your audience. And the best part is that it drives amazing results.

Here you have 5 good reasons to start working on your email marketing today:

The king of relationships

It’s no secret that marketing is about building relationships, and email marketing great for this. It gives an opportunity to be in touch with your audience directly on a regular basis, engaging and sharing valuable content and updates that keep them coming back for more, and eventually becoming recurring customers.

Now, here’s the key: it’s very easy to be one email away from being spammy and getting people to unsubscribe en masse, so you have to be super careful with this.

Your list, your rules

Unlike social media, where you’re at the mercy of platform rules, emails are delivered directly to your customers, giving your message a better chance of being seen.

Not only that, with email marketing, you own your list of contacts and have full control over it. Meaning that if a social platform shuts down, is temporarily offline or you are banned, you won’t lose those hard-earned leads nor your digital influence.

Detailed personalisation to connect with your leads

Here’s a small secret: personalisation is key to convert those leads into customers. And with email marketing, you can tailor your messages to suit the preferences of individual recipients. For example, you can address each contact by their name or send emails to specific groups.

This personalisation not only engages your audience, but also creates a greater sense of connection and trust. As Dale Carnegie wisely said, “a person’s name is to that person, the sweetest, most important sound in any language.”

A conversion powerhouse with a high ROI

Emails are where the action happens. Whether it’s selling products, promoting services, or driving traffic to your website, email marketing is a conversion-focused strategy that gets the job done beautifully.

So much that when done properly, it can deliver around €36 return for every €1 spent!

And it doesn’t even require a massive budget to see significant results. You can get started with a basic setup and then invest more as you see the impact it has on your business.

Email marketing is the best branding tool

And this one is my favourite: Even if your contacts don’t open your emails, your name will still be there, highlighted in their inbox, always present in every notification, reminding them that you still exist and could be the solution to their needs, struggles or desires.

So go ahead and start working on a smart email marketing strategy to turn your leads into customers and repeat customers!

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