A hilarious chronicle of how NOT to write an article for your blog

writers distractions

You may think that writing a good blog post is about knowing about the subject, structuring the ideas and having excellent copywriting skills, right?

Well, there’s an equally important skill that many forget: It’s the ability to FOCUS on the task.

When part of the writing involves sailing the seas of the Internet looking for information, it’s easy to get distracted by the sirens: Facebook, Amazon, Youtube, the news… The temptations are everywhere and not getting carried away by curiousity is very difficult, specially if you’re a curious creature (important to be a good writer) and you have the concentration skills of a chicken.

Today’s article was supposed to be about how to stay focused when writing a blog post, a newsletter, social media post, or any kind of text, but I got distracted a few times.

So instead, I will share with you an example of how your writing routine should NEVER be.

Let’s see with how you SHOULD start:

writing an article

Steps to write a good blog article:

  1. Decide what you’re going to write about.
  2. Make some tea.
  3. Sit in front of the laptop and write down the main points you’ll cover.
  4. Now create a post structure with those ideas.
  5. Start developing the ideas.
  6. Open the browser to look for some info.

Oops, Facebook opened in front of you.

Now, do NOT do this:

On Facebook, you see that you friend Clara had a baby.

You write a congrats message and start browsing the baby pictures to see who he resembles.

You find a photo of her sister with the baby. You wonder if she’s still living in with her parents. She doesn’t have posts on Facebook since 2015.

You open Instagram to try your luck there.

You find a super cute laptop cover on the “explore” section.

You check the product on the seller’s profile.

€330 for a laptop cover?? Ridiculous!

You go to Amazon to see if you can find something similar for much less.

There are Black Friday deals.

You lose track of time and space.

You buy a new laptop cover, a charger, 5 books, a cute cactus, a toiletry bag, warm slippers and a scarf.

You take a sip of tea. It’s cold.

You boil some water to make a new cup of tea.

You remember that the initial plan was to write an article.

You sit in front of you laptop and cry.

At least you have a hot cup of tea and new stuff being shipped to your home.


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