How to make your social media audience buy from you without telling them to buy

What content shall I post on the social media channels of my business?You may wonder quite often. I know, sometimes it’s not easy to decide it. What do you do on those occasions?

I’m sure this situation is familiar to you – You open your product catalogue, pick an item, copy the features, and share it with your audience. Just like that. You drop it on your audience’s feed and hope for the best.

Now, think about it for a second: What’s the reason #1 why you, as a user, scroll down on social media? Exactly – you mainly seek entertainment, a bit of information and, of course, connecting with your friends.

So, then; what kind of content would you like to see from the businesses and brands you follow?

Would you like to be constantly bombarded with “BUY MY STUFF” kind of posts?

I’m sure you wouldn’t. That’s why during the commercial break on TV, most of us go to grab some snacks or change the channel.

Don’t sell, give value

Social media is not only about selling your stuff, it’s about CREATING & SHARING CONTENT. Content that ADDS VALUE to your audiences’ lives. And that will eventually lead them to buy from you.

So instead of focusing so much on promoting your products or services, you can try giving your audience content of value.

But what does that mean?

Think about a brand as a friend. You want to be around friends that make you feel good, that are fun, that listen to you, that teach you new things, that help you, that have the same values as you and that you trust. Right?

So that’s exactly what you, as a brand, should offer to your audience – a value that goes beyond the product or service you are trying to sell:

Information & Knowledge

  • Share information related to your products: where they come from, how they are manufactured, tips on how to use them, etc.
  • Do you offer services that might not be so easy to understand? Create content to help people have a clearer idea about your business.
  • Inform about procedures, terminology, “behind the scenes”, etc.


  • Share your values, what you as a brand believe in.
  • Help your audience be a better version of themselves (in relation to your products or services).

Listening and understanding their needs and desires

  • Read every comment carefully and use them to create new content that answers to their main concerns or desires.
  • Ask them questions and use the feedback to redefine your products or services.
  • Answer to their questions with empathy.
  • Involve your audience with your brand.


  • Create content that will put a smile on their faces.
  • Don’t be boring, you can still be fun in spite of being a serious brand.


  • Show the most humane side of your brand or business.
  • Be transparent an honest about your products and services.
  • Show that you’re knowledgeable by giving useful information.

Support & Help

  • Let them know you are there to help.
  • Use your social media channels to clear any doubt your customers may have about your products or services and offer help when they reach out to you.

This doesn’t mean you should never post promotional content. Of course, you should! But keep a balance.

What most social media marketers recommend is to follow the 80/20 rule. That is, for every 10 posts you share, 2 should be sales oriented and 8 general content.

And here is where the magic comes:

If you manage to connect with your audience at this level, you won’t even need to sell them! They will come to you. Because they know you, they like you, they trust you and they feel comfortable with you.


We buy guided by our emotions, not by our logic

Because, ultimately, we make over 90% of our purchase decisions guided by our FEELINGS and EMOTIONS. There is hardly any logic in it.

Now think for a moment about the latest item you bought. Why did you buy that exact product and not a similar one from another brand?

The desire to purchase a product is purely emotional.

“This is so me. I love its shape. I will look so good with it. It’s so cute. It’s a cool brand. I like the packaging. It reminds me of…”

It is after we’ve purchased the desired item – or right after we have decided purchasing it – when we use our logic. We use our logic to justify our purchase:

“It’s such great value. It has so many amazing features. It’s good quality. It will help me save time and money, etc.”

Does it sound familiar to you?

Start creating content today or get set some help

Now, it’s your turn. Start brainstorming and writing down all the ideas that your audience would be looking forward to see on their social media feed. You can even ask them!

I really hope this article helped you better understand the importance of posting valuable content on your social media and encouraged you to rethink your strategy.

If, on the other hand, you feel overwhelmed with all this info and would rather leave it in professional hands, I will be more than happy to help you make your audience fall in love with your brand.

Just get in touch with me. I’m looking forward to know your business!


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