Recruiting? Avoid these mistakes in your job ads if you want to hire the right people

Job ads

To recruit the right people, you should start from writing compelling job ads. And, believe it or not, this is not a job for HR only — it’s also a marketing job.

Why? Because getting the right people interested in working for your company is the same as finding the right clients to do business with. It’s all about relationships.

The problem is that if you take a look at the vast majority of job adverts, they all sound the same. They read like a copy-paste template, with no personality whatsoever, which makes it difficult for the candidate to understand why they should apply.

So, here’s what you should avoid doing when you’re writing your next job offer letter, and what you can do instead:

Offering “competitive salary & attractive perks” is not enough

Let’s start from the basics: An excellent benefit package, a nice work environment and a competitive salary might sound enticing for your future employees. But if you think about it, this is the minimum they can expect from you — and it has already become a cliché.

It’s like telling your spouse-to-be that you will love them and respect them. Sure, that’s fine, but how else will you make the relationship better?

So, before you start writing, ask yourself: “what else does my company offer, that no other company does?”

The best way to find out is asking your employees: “What do you like about working here?”. Their feedback will be pure gold to write your job advert, because you will be able to identify qualities that you probably were not even aware of!

Your job ads should be much more than a list of requirements

“We’re looking for X-Y-Z, if you think you’re the right candidate, send us your CV”.

When you do this, you’re basically saying “we’re just looking for someone to get the job done, and that’s it.” And guess what, that’s exactly what you’ll get: an employee who only cares about completing the tasks and getting a paycheck.

Instead, show them why your company is worth applying to, beyond the salary. Why should people work for you? How are they going to grow within your company? What opportunities are you offering? What makes you different from your competition? Are they going to grow professionally thanks to you?

Make sure to include this crucial info at the very beginning of the job description.

Don’t write impersonal copy-paste job ads

I know, it’s so tempting to do this — you’re busy and you need to recruit someone ASAP. But again, you’re looking to differentiate from your competition, so use your company’s personality and culture to make your letter stand out.

How? Speak about your values, your vision, your culture, how you’re making this world a better place and how they can contribute to it.

These questions will also help you pre-filter those candidates that are not aligned with your company’s qualities.

It’s not a job ad, it’s a conversation

And last, but not least, avoid sounding cold, distant or overly formal in your job ads. Make your candidates feel that they’re having a conversation with someone from HR. Use a friendly tone, welcoming them to be part of your team, and showing to them the amazing opportunities that await them.

Conclusion: put people first

I’m sure you’ve realised that all these points take us to the same place: focus on what candidates will get, not on what your company is looking for. This simple shift makes a world of a difference in how candidates perceive your company and how you position your organisation in the recruitment market.

You not only want to attract the right talent, but also present your company as the right place for them.

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